Detail information about particular lead

Last Updated: May 18, 2018 at 5:29 pm

You can set the all information about a Lead at single place.

Click on lead and open the complete lead.


After clicking on the lead the page will open which shows the following menu items.

Activities – Here you can see the all the activities performed on the lead by each user.

Todos– See a list of all Todos for that lead sorted by date.

Contacts – Attach contacts and organizations to the lead.

Notes – Add and view notes or information about the lead.

Emails – Attach emails by forwarding them to the unique MailSync ID.

Files – Upload files in any format pertaining to the lead.

Products– Assign products with value to the lead.

Location– Assign a location to the lead.

Sources– Define a source from where the lead was acquired.

Fields– Every business has their own method to work. So you can add the default fields according to your need.


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