Enable SMS HTTP API Extension for Leads

Last Updated: September 26, 2019 at 5:00 pm

To enable SMS sending feature you have to configure the extension for the SMS HTTP API.
(This feature is only available in Pro and higher plans)

First Enable Text SMS from Module Settings. Go in to System Settings and turn on the module.

Now open the Extensions Tab. Click on edit button on SMS HTTP API extension button to configure the settings.

There are required fields as below:


API URL for sending SMS from your gateway provider. This includes parameters with values, out of some parameters needed to be replaced with dynamic field values from Leadxen.

Use parameters below to replace values in API:-

  1. %MOBILE% for mobile number
  2. %MESSAGE% for message body
  3. %TYPE% for message type (transactional or promotional)


Gateway URL: https://sms.example.com/sendsms?key=123456&username=sample&type=unicode&mobile=98765XXXXX&message=Testing message

https://sms.example.com/sendsms?key=123456&username=sample&type=%TYPE% &mobile=%MOBILE%&message=%MESSAGE%

Sender ID

This can be your gateway number or ID which will be used to send SMS and recorded in actions.

Link Action

Important to log actions related to SMS. This will include SMS details with message send in your action remarks. This is very useful to track number of SMS sent.

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